MIND Skincare is an Australian owned and operated skin care company focussing on natural, organic, cruelty free and safe products with no added nasties.

Founded by Georgia Locke from Melbourne, Victoria, her passion is about creating products that are transparent, effective and affordable.

Coming from a background in beauty salons Georgia has heard women and men lament about skin problems and ageing and everything in between. Sourcing quality ingredients from around the world his aim in MIND is to create affordable, high end products that do what they say they do.

Our skin acts like a window into our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Our skin is a map of our lives; the way we live and experience the world shows up eventually. Smile lines, tans and freckles, chapped lips and puffy eyes. I am looking for a holistic approach to create skin care products. It is just as easy to use naturally derived ingredients from mother earth as it is to create synthetic ingredients. Where possible, MIND aims to connect the mind, body and spirit through products derived from essential oils and promote the practise of mindful self-care.

Curious about what does and doesn't work, she, like most women Georgia has bought and used every lotion and potion, elixir, gimmick, serum available and agrees that regardless of how much money one spends, the body ages, skin reacts to its environment, shows what is going on on the inside. Think freckles, liver spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, all surface indications of our life experiences.

The products aim to promote self-care, self-love and encourage skin rituals that connect us using the natural resources from our Earth.


We don’t take ourselves super seriously, until it comes to quality. And then things get super serious, super fast.

'Put simply, we only source, create and sell the best.'

We have done the research so you can feel safe using our products. Safe skincare is good skincare. Effective skincare is even better and combined with a little luxury you can be sure you’re doing the very best for your skin.